New Village Girls Academy is an all-female public charter high school in Los Angeles whose population consists of girls with significant gaps in their education and who typically have high academic and social-emotional needs. Many of these girls have experienced traumas such as trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, drug and substance abuse, sexual assault, and abandonment. We have developed a comprehensive arts program, which consists of art and art history classes, a dance team, a choir, a creative writing group, and fashion and beauty programs. This arts program teaches students both technical and transferable skills, with many of the lessons focusing on teaching the girls how to express themselves, how to be vulnerable, how to love themselves, and how to create without judgment.

Fashion & Art Supplies Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to collect art supplies for the Fashion & Art students. The teachers are given a limited budget to get supplies for all the students. Some of these students end up bringing their own supplies and some are left without any supplies. We want all of these students to have a chance to create something they are proud of.

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What We Need

Apple Barrel PROMOABI, Assorted Colors 1 (18 pack)

Colors glide on smoothly, dry quickly and stay beautiful as the day they were painted. Easy cleanup with soap and water

3 out of 5 items ordered

36 Color Fundamental Watercolor Pan Set with Paint Brush

36 vibrant rich watercolors. Water based colors that dissolve and blend easily, can be used by beginners and professionals

5 out of 10 items ordered

Artlicious - 25 All Purpose Paint Brush Value Pack

All purpose paint brushes: nylon, bristle, sponge & camel hair brushes. Ideal for all mediums

8 out of 50 items ordered

Creativity Street Pallette Paint Tray, 10 Pack (AC5923)

10 count pack of paint trays, each with 10 paint wells. Durable for repeated use

3 out of 30 items ordered

Mason Jars 10 oz With Regular Lids and Bands

Premium strong high quality glass jars with silver lids -- 24 pieces 10 OZ mason glass jars with silver screw lids.The mason jar set is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience.

1 out of 2 items ordered

Canvases: US Art Supply Multi-Pack 2-Ea of 4x4, 5x7, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14

Ideal for use with all acrylics, oils and other painting media. 3/4 inch Profile - Hand stretched over kiln-dried stretcher bars

1 out of 30 items ordered

T-SIGN 66 Inches Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

Height & Angle: 21" to 66" - Perfect for floor stand or tabletop display, Folds to only 21" for easy storage and transporting, Easy turn knobs for quick height/angle adjustments.

1 out of 5 items ordered

Canson Universal Sketch Pad, Side Wire Bound, 9" x 12"

Useful for concept journaling and sketching. Versatile surface for a variety of dry media and fine texture, includes 100-sheet of paper

4 out of 50 items ordered

Bienfang Graphics 11 by 14-Inch 360 Paper Pad, 50 Sheets

Retains true color with both permanent and watercolor markers, contains 50 sheets

1 out of 10 items ordered

Construction Paper Pack, 10 Assorted Colors, 9" x 12", 600 Sheets

120 white sheets, 80 red sheets, 75 blue sheets, 75 yellow sheets, 60 green sheets, 50 orange sheets, 40 black sheets, 40 violet sheets, 30 pink sheets, 30 brown sheets.

1 out of 10 items ordered

Elmer's Liquid School Glue, 4 Ounces Each, 12 Count

The number 1 teacher brand, great for arts, crafts and School projects

1 out of 10 items ordered


32 pcs 8.5 inch scissors, 4 colors, stainless steel blade, plastic handle. Smooth and easy cutting for fabric, paper, cardboard, photo and more

0 out of 10 items ordered

Oil Pastel Coloring Set

Artistic Oil Painting Stick are made of high-quality mixed oil and particulate wax and calcium carbonate, safe and non-toxic, delicate and environmentally friendly

0 out of 5 items ordered

Juvale Tissue Paper Gift Wrap

Multicolored tissue paper bulk set; 120 sheets per pack. 19.7 x 26 inches

0 out of 10 items ordered


Medium Pink Pearl Erasers. Set of 24 Premium soft pink rubber eraser is self-cleaning and Smudge-Free.

1 out of 5 items ordered

Crayola Washable Markers

12 Pack, 10 Colors. Ultra clean markers are classroom essentials for homework, projects, and crafts.

1 out of 5 items ordered

Rubber Stamp Carving Blocks

Pack of 4 pieces pink rubber carving blocks; Each is measures 5-7/8" length x 4" width x 1/4" thickness. This carving block accepts transfers from laser printers, inkjet printers, clip art and newspapers.

1 out of 10 items ordered

Linoleum Block Cutters

6 Type Blades and 2 Plastic Storage Handles. Sharp, long-lasting cutting edges blades use for soft linoleum block

1 out of 10 items ordered

Fake Flowers Heads

Flower Heads artificial roses, fake flowers for decoration, wedding decorations, silk flowers in bulk wholesale, artificial flowers bulk

1 out of 20 items ordered

Natural Clay, 10 lb

Air hardening clay for sculpting, hand modeling or throwing on a potter's wheel. Fragile when dry, seal with shellac to waterproof.

1 out of 5 items ordered